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Golrokh Keshavarz is a registered OAA Intern Architect with a masters degree of Architecture from Carleton University. She is also an award-winning artist having had her work published and shown in various galleries including The ROM and The Louvre. Her passion and dedication to her work has led her to succeed in her endeavours and helped strengthen the companies and organizations she has worked with.
Golrokh believes in designing with purpose, intent, and usability. Therefore, she sees a great benefit from collaboration, whether it be with a client, creative team, or other industry professionals. Her experience in marketing, communications, and business development in combination with her ingenuity and resourcefulness have proven to be important assets when working with start-ups as well as established ventures in numerous fields. 
//     Architecture:  
               - Assembly
               - Commercial
               - Industrial
               - Residential
//     Design:  
               - Graphic Design
               - Video Editing
               - Product Design
//    Photography/Art
               - Latitude 44 - Scotiabank
                  CONTACT Photography
               - Distillery District Magazine 
               - Vesuvio - Scotiabank
                  CONTACT Photography
               - Toronto Star
               - The Louvre 
               - Royal Ontario Museum -
                 PhotoFlash FNL
               - Microsoft Store Eatons Centre,
                 York Dale
               - Gallery 918 - TUPF 2015
               - 416 Gallery
               - Scrim4Rent
//    Management:  
               - CLICKchats @ Microsoft
               - TorontoCLICKS @ ROM
               - Streets of Toronto @        
                  Leons at the Round
               - Toronto Urban
                  Photography Festival
               - Arts Corner @ Card Yard
                 BIG on Bloor
//     Marketing
               - @TheGoldieK
               - TorontoCLICKS
               - Toronto Urban
                  Photography Festival

"Golrokh is the consummate professional and a pleasure to work with. Her innovation and leadership qualities have helped improve the efficiency and accuracy of her fellow professionals. Golrokh's ability to problem solve and mentor inexperienced members of the design team have proven invaluable"

- Anthony C. Hogan, Architectural Technician Richard Wengle Architect Inc.

"Golrokh is very knowledgeable about architectural design and can easily guide others in using AutoCAD in an efficient manner. She has the ability to explain technical details using everyday examples and drawings with utmost patience and clarity."

- Kanchan Quinlan, Junior Intern Richard Wengle Architect Inc.

"Golrokh is a great self-starter and did amazing with TUPF's social media. We wish she would come back and take over that aspect of our communications because she was just so amazing at it!"

- Cliff Davidson, Director of Toronto Urban Photography Festival

"Golrokh is very outgoing and relatable. Her ability to lead, mentor, and provide support to over 70 students speaks of her effortless people skills. She will thrive in every type of environment!"

- Yusra Uzair, RA Carleton University Housing

"Golrokh is a highly multitalented artist and collaborator. Her ability to find solutions to hard problems makes her an invaluable asset in production and post-production. Challenge does not scare her in fact it fuels her to dedicate her full attention to the task at her hand."

- Sharrae Lyon, Artist and Filmmaker

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